Chinese "Stir Fry" Casserole

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Casseroles, Veggies | 0 comments

I started out with a casserole in mind; but I didn’t want to put in any sort of starch binder like rice or pasta. But I DID want some cheese. And PLENTY of mushrooms. What resulted turned out tasting like a Chinese stir-fry with cheese. It was delicious. And it was easy. Granted, prepping the veggies takes a few minutes; but the cooking is EASY. We’ll do this one again; we just need to figure out more combinations of veggies to use.


1 cup of ham cut into bite-size pieces (or more if you like)
1 onion, chopped
2 shallots, sliced thinly
4 cloves of garlic, minced
1 pound mushrooms; sliced
1 red or orange bell pepper, cleaned and chopped
1 medium head of broccoli, cut into bite size pieces
sherry wine, a splash or two
Louisiana Hot Sauce
sugar, 1/2 tsp or so (optional)
1 tsp dried basil
salt & pepper
1/2 cup grated cheese (I used Mozzarella.)

oil for pan


Preheat oven to 350.

I cooked this in a 15″ Farberware deep skillet with a lid. It’s just easier that way. You can do this in a wok, of course, if you like, but it will require you stand over the wok and keep stirring.

Heat up the skillet over medium heat; add a tiny bit of oil. When the oil is sufficiently hot add the onion and shallots. Stir for a bit to spread evenly. Toss to evenly heat. Add the garlic, and stir again.

Add bell pepper, broccoli, and ham. Stir to combine. If the skillet seems to be drying out add the sherry now. If not, hold for later.

Add the mushrooms and combine well. Stir fry for a minute or two. Add the sherry if you haven’t done so. Add basil, salt, pepper, a healthy splashy off hot sauce, and the sugar (if desired).

Turn heat to low and cover the skillet. Continue cooking  for a few minutes. Take a bite of a piece of onion or broccoli every couple of minutes. When the bite is al dente, remove from heat.

Spray an 8 x 8 casserole dish with olive oil or non-stick spray. Pour over into the dish and spread evenly. Scatter the top with the grated cheese.

Place in oven and bake until cheese begins to brown.

Serve immediately.