Our neighbor, Chef Joel St. John, treats us now and then to his wonderful cooking. Almost as good, is he sometimes treats us to some of his ingredients and lets us do the cooking. (Not that he didn’t volunteer to cook for us; he did.)

This time, it was some beautiful Ahi Tuna for me to cook. Chef Joel had already graciously prepared some savory bread pudding, a garlic/dill sauce, and some spicy crawfish tails for garnish.  I reheated the bread, the sauce, and the crawfish, and seared the tuna for less than a minute total. Oh boy!  Thank you, Chef Joel!

First I laid down some lettuce with some of Chef Joel’s bread pudding.
While I quickly seared the tuna in a bit of butter and oil.

Plated the fish; then topped with a bit of Chef Joel’s dill/garlic sauce, and crawfish.