Crab Quesadilla

by | Jun 9, 2012 | Seafood | 0 comments

Sherry asked me to whip her up something, so I found a can of crab meat in our pantry and decided to go from there. One can of crab meat is enough for two well stuffed quesadillas. I make up one for Sherry, and while she’s enjoying, I make up a second one for me.


6 ounces of canned crab meat, drained
4 flour tortillas
4 ounces  Colby/Jack Cheese, shredded
sour cream
salsa or other garnish
Sriracha sauce or other hot sauce

Heat a skillet over medium heat. Top one tortilla with grated cheese and half of the crab meat.  Drizzle with a bit of the Sriracha sauce. Place in the skillet and top with another tortilla. Cover for a minute or so to contain heat and aid melting the cheese..

Remove cover and check the bottom for browning. Continue until the bottom is slightly browned.  Turn and brown the other side.

Remove to serving plate, and top with garnish of choice (salsa de nopalitos, Pace Picante Sauce, Sour cream, black olives, etc.) Repeat with the other half of the crab and the other two tortillas.