Bacon, Sausage, and Shrimp Tetrazinni

by pasta, Seafood

This makes up enough to fill two half-trays (9″ x 13″).


1 lb breakfast sausage
1 lb bacon
24 ounces small shrimp
2 large sweet yellow onions, chopped
1 orange or red (or green) bell pepper, chopped
1 pound rotini pasta
1/2 pound grated cheddar cheese (or other favorite)
1 pound fresh mushrooms (sliced)
ground white, red, and black pepper, to taste
1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
Worschestershire Sauce (1-3 tablespoons)
butter and oil (for roux)
rotini pasta, cooked al dente
1/2 pound fresh spinach, wilted


Heat oven to 350 degrees.

Arrange sliced bacon and crumbled sausage on baking sheets; cook until done; but not crisp. Remove and drain on paper towels.Reserve drippings. When the meat is cool enough to handle, chop medium fine. Set aside.

Heat a cup or two of milk just a bit.

Add some (1/4 – 1/2 cup) of the sausage/bacon drippings to a sauce pan over medium heat. Add equal amount of flour and stir constantly to make up a light roux. Gradually whisk the heated milk into the roux an stir to blend. When the sauce reaches desired consistency, stir in grated cheese, nutmeg, Worchestershire Sauce, red, white, and black pepper, and  salt to taste. Blend thoroughly.

Wilt spinach in skillet or in microwave. Set aside.

Season shrimp with garlic powder, red, white, and black pepper, and salt. Add to a pan of hot oil/butter and cook until barely done (2-4 minutes).

Combine pasta, cheese sauce, cooked shrimp, bacon and sausage. Fold in cooked spinach. Divide into two 9″ x 13″ oiled baking pans. Place in 350 oven and bake 30-45 minutes.