Fig Preserves

by | Jun 26, 2009 | Dessert | 0 comments

We have a fig tree in our back yard. It begins “coming in” around late June each year. A few years ago, while I was home visiting Mother, Sherry took a notion to make fig preserves. Between the Joy of Cooking and several phone calls back to west Tennessee for tips from Mother, Sherry did a great job. Her preserves were wonderful that year, and the next year, I helped her make another big batch.

Yesterday, we made our first batch of this year. We got 7 pints, and could have made more, but that was all we could fit in our big kettle. Harvesting figs twice daily, I’m sure we’ll have enough for another 7 pints soon. [Making a mental note – don’t fill the kettle to the brim next time.]