Final Exam for Sunday School

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Final Exam for Sunday School

1) We hear what Jesus has to say in the :

Old Testament, New Testament, or Apocrypha

2) Moses led his people out of Egypt in which part of the Bible?

Old Testament, New Testament, or Apocrypha

3) Every Sunday, our priest (or our Deacon) reads a lesson to us from one of four books we call

The Funny Papers, the spread sheet, the Gospel

4) Jesus gave a very famous lesson to us we now call

Words to the Wise, Good News, Sermon from the Mound, Sermon on the Mount

5) John and Jesus were

Blood Brothers, Lodge Brothers, Best Friends Forever, Cousins

6) Which of the following is NOT a book of the Bible

John, Psalms, Proverbs, David

7) Every Sunday just before Communion we pass

The peas, the beans, the corn bread, the peace.

8)Jesus taught us to break what together?

Mirrors, promises, spaghetti, bread

9) The Bible tells us a story about Jesus attending a wedding. While there Jesus did an amazing thing.

Card tricks, A & M Jokes, Rode a bicycle backwards, turned water into wine

10) Your teachers come here every Sunday because

Father Willard makes us; a judge ordered us to do community service, we’re hoping to get to heaven, we LOVE you.