Potato and Sausage Casserole

by Apr 2, 2019Casseroles


6 medium red potatoes; sliced
1 lb breakfast sausage; crumbled
1 medium yellow onion; diced
1/2 pound mushrooms; cleaned and sliced
1/2 pound cream cheese; softened
2-3 cups grated cheddar cheese
1 lb frozen green peas; thawed
Worcestershire Sauce
garlic powder
salt and pepper


Cook sliced potatoes either in microwave or over steam until just tender. Set aside.

Place sausage in oven proof skillet and cook in oven at 350-400 F until no longer pink inside (about 20 minutes).

Remove sausage to another plate and set aside. Reserve a few tablespoons of sausage drippings in the skillet. Add onions and mushrooms. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Add a 1/4 cup of water or wine; cover and reduce heat. Simmer until onions are barely tender.

Place sausage, onions, peas and mushrooms into a 9″ x  13″ baking dish (I use a commercial half-tray.). Mix in a generous amount of cheddar cheese. Stir in the softened cream cheese. Season with a generous splash of Worcestershire sauce. Spread the mixture evenly in pan and top with more grated cheese.

Bake in oven for 30-50 minutes or until browned lightly. Serve with Sriracha sauce or other favorite topping.