Week’s Worth of Soup

by Aug 18, 2016Soup

So I did it again. I made up a week’s worth of soup for Sherry. Okay – I managed to get 8 lunches out of the deal. To do it, I had to fill that big pot to within an 8th inch of the top. But I got her done. Also, I had a quart of stock in the freezer which I added to the pot as well.

So, how to handle it when I do it again and don’t have a quart of stock already on hand? Or how to handle it when I really DON’T want to fill the cook pot to the brim?

Okay — I used two family packs of neck bones on cook day. And I did it on the stove. I filled the big stock pot only about 3/4 full.

1:  Use THREE packs of turkey necks; and fill the pot closer to the brim. That addresses the matter of the extra quart of stock I used this last time.

2:   Do it exactly like I did this last time (Or without the 1 quart of stock already on hand, and making extra on cook day as describe in #1 above.). But this time have on hand some already prepared roasted vegetables. Make soup as usual. Then, when distributing into lunch serving containers, add a cup of already roasted veggies to stretch it into 8 servings.
Yes, this makes sense.