I did a version of Souvlakia  today, and we were quite pleased.


2 pounds pork country ribs; cut into 1″ dice
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup Soy sauce
1/4 vinegar
black pepper
onion powder
garlic powder

1 yellow bell pepper; cleaned and diced
2 red onions; diced
liquid smoke (optional)


Combine all ingredients besides pepper and onions. Stir to evenly coat the meat. 
Place in refridgerator and allow to marinate several hours.

You may do these on the grill; or as I do in a ridged cast iron skillet on top of the stove. Thread the meat on skewers and set aside. Toss the onions and pepper in the same marinade used with the meat.

Bring skillet to medium high-to high heat. Add onions and peppers to skillet and stir frequently to cook evenly and prevent scorching. Add liquid if needed to keep the vegetables from sticking. Cover and allow to steam for a few minutes; stirring frequently. 

Return veggies to microwave safe bowl with the marinade. If needed wash the skillet to get ready for cooking the meat. Bring the skillet back up to medium high – to high heat. Place meat in skillet and cook for 4 minutes; turn and cook another 4 minutes.

Two minutes before the meat is done, run the vegetables in the microwave on high for a minute or two.

Serve meat and vegetables with flour tortillas or in pita bread.