My mother recently gave us her old Mirror-matic pressure cooker, and we’ve had fun seeing what it will do. She still had the old 1970’s instruction and recipe booklet, and that’s where we got the idea for this recipe. We adapted it from their Irish Stew. We didn’t have any lamb shank, but we did have two packs of Andouille, and a poblano. This is VERY tasty.


28 oz Andouille sausages sliced into rounds (Any good smoked sausage will do.)
4 medium size turnips; peeled and diced
4 medium potatoes; diced
4 carrots; sliced
1 onion; chopped
1 poblano; cleaned and diced
onion powder
garlic powder
3 cups water
Worcestershire sauce
Tony Cachere’s Instant White Gravy Mix


Spray the pressure cooker with non-stick spray; or lightly oil; brown the sausages over medium heat, stirring frequently. When the sausages are sufficiently browned, add the water, vegetables, and the seasonings. Bring to 15 pounds of pressure and cook for 10 minutes.

Reduce pressure immediately by running the cooker under cold water. Return to low heat, and stir in a tablespoon or so of the gravy mix. Stir to blend well.

This is very good.

Variation: Instead of 3 cups of water substitute 2 cups Poblano-tomatillo Sauce + 1 cup of water. Add 1/2 pound sliced mushrooms. Don’t be afraid to experiment.