No, we’re not doing the traditional feast. It will probably just be the two of us. So, no huge turkey; no pies; no sweet potato casseroles. But we ARE going to make some corn bread dressing with chicken using Rachel’s recipe.

I began several days ago by simmering some chicken leg quarters; deboning them and making stock with the bones. I made up a batch of chicken soup for Sherry to take to work, and stored the stock in the refrigerator.

8:30 a.m. – This morning, I turned on the oven to 350 and began gathering all my stocks. I placed them into a crock pot to reheat and boil them for safety.

Then, I mixed up two batches of Rachel’s corn bread and I’m baking them off one at a time, as I only have one nice old seasoned black cast iron skillet. I got the first batch into the oven at 9:13.

9:48 – Removed the first batch of corn bread and fixed Sherry a snack with some butter and grape jelly. I had some without the jelly, and Nicholae had some just plain.

10:00 – Put the second batch in the oven and removed from the refrigerator the left over corn bread from last week. Began my big pile in a large mixing bowl. For the first time in days, we now have room to move in the fridge.

In the meantime, while the two corn breads were baking, Sherry had me scan some CT-Scan films she had from her bike accident. I also helped her lay out a 16″ x 20″ canvas. She’s planning to paint 20 images on a canvas to resemble her CT-Scans. Oh, and she’s doing it left handed. Second batch of corn bread is still in the oven.

10:30 – Removed second batch of corn bread; made a small pot of coffee. Watching Sherry paint.

12:00 – Made half a dozen hard boiled eggs and peeled them.

2:00pm – All the corn bread is crumbled. Stock is simmering. Chopped up two onions, garlic and a few sticks of celery and sauteed.

3:15 – Mixed vegetables with corn bread; added lots of stock; chicken meat, chopped boiled eggs, thyme, garlic powder, black pepper; and popped in the oven at 350.

4:00 – Took one of the pans of dressing out (the small one). Started the cranberry sauce.

4:05 – Removed the second and third pans of dressing.

4:30 – Cranberry sauce is chilling in the fridge, and we’re just killing time. Next time (making mental note), do the cranberry sauce early on or day before.