I stumbled on a deal for wings and couldn’t pass it up. Five pounds of wings! Oh my! What shall I do?

Well, I fired up the Weber grill, of course.  But that started out slow and petered out to nothing — almost.

I grilled a handful of wings over a small bed of coals; enjoyed them; but then realized ten pounds would take me all night, and I’d need more charcoal.

So, that was that — I threw a pork shoulder on; turned the smoker down low and slow — and  by 3:30 the next morning – we had Memphis Style pulled pork.

Back to the wings.

Next night, I cut the wings into drummies and middle sections; saved the tips for stock and then fired up the Nuwave.  I could get about 12-14 pieces on the 4″ high grid. Sprinkled with some black pepper, garlic powder, and a small dash of salt.

Cooked them for 9 minutes (Don’t ask me why 9.). Turned, seasoned again; then hit for another 4 minutes.

Removed the wings to a bowl and drizzled with a bit of a mild habanero sauce and a bit of my home made BBQ sauce.

A winner!

Note (11/18/2015):  Tonight — for whatever reason, the wings needed more time. I found after trying one round  that 9 on the first side and 6-7 on the second time works to cook them through very nicely.

Note (11/2015):  Sherry asked me to cook these through a bit more. Tonight, I cooked the first side for 12 minutes; flipped them and cooked the 2nd side for 7 minutes. Sherry is happy; and so am I.