I was a music lover and professional musician before I was the family cook. One thing I’ve found is that music and kitchen fun seem to go hand in hand. I like to put on good music and get in the kitchen and groove. It just comes natural, as the Beatles would say, “Like a Natural ‘E’.” (To the uninitiated, “E” is the top and bottom strings on a standard tuned guitar. Once the E strings are tuned, all the others have to be equalized to those E’s. Anything short of that, and your guitar is out of tune.)

Have fun. *S*

Two Playlists for your enjoyment. The top one is red, and the next one is blue. They are set to “auto-shuffle” and to begin playing only on demand. If you hit the play arrow, the player will begin with the first song in the list, and then will shuffle randomly through the play list. If you prefer, you may scroll down the play list and click on any song to start the music. If you wish to go from one play list to the other, be sure to stop or pause the first one before invoking the second. Or, you’ll hear two songs playing at once.

If you want to keep the music playing while you continue browsing the cookbook, hold down the “control” key as you click on a hyperlink. This will open a new tab, keeping the music playing in this tab.

Playlist One

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And the OTHER one.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones